Game Audio Reel

Compilation of in-game footage from published games, showcasing designed audio and audio systems I’ve developed and implemented.


Technical Reel

Compilation of short-form technical breakdowns from my latest project. Showcasing game engine implementations, audio systems, sound design processes and middleware setups.

Game Credits

Full portfolio of my game audio work. Each page includes a brief description of the game, the roles I played in development, and a breakdown of notable features.

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About me

Hello! I’m Eden, a Technical Audio Designer from Cornwall, UK. I specialise in audio middleware, engine implementation and scripting. From Foley recording to audio programming, I live and breath interactive audio. I thrive when collaborating closely with others, whether solving problems with programmers, or bringing an artist or animators work to life; I’m at my best when I’m working in a team. I’ve recently graduated from Falmouth University, studying BA Game Development: Audio.

I am fascinated by the subject of audio propagation. Simulating occlusion, obstruction, reverberation etc. are all things I wish more games experimented with. Outside of game dev, I enjoy downhill / freestyle mountain biking, bouldering, climbing and playing both competitive and casual games with my friends. Recently I’ve been playing Astroneer, Stardew Valley and Counter-strike.

If you’d like to see some more of what I do, feel free to get in touch or use the links below to continue browsing. Thank-you for reading!

Get in touch!

If you have a question, proposal, or just want to say hi, please feel free to reach out using any method below. I always enjoy meeting new people and chatting about game audio. Thanks for visiting my page, I look forward to hearing from you!


contact [at] edenjeffrey [dot] com



Recent Devlogs

The most recent addition to my current projects development log. A more free-form, but still detailed breakdown of what I’m working on right now.