Author: edenlukejeffrey

  • Test environment creation

    Test environment creation

    When developing any type of system or feature, creating a good testing environment is essential to allow for rapid iteration (West, 2021) and debugging. I needed a controlled space for experimenting with different parameters, scenarios, and inputs. Although not comprehensive, this test environment covers the most common geometric layouts, allowing me to quickly test and…

  • Scalable Audio Propagation for UE5 | Introduction

    Scalable Audio Propagation for UE5 | Introduction

    Demonstration Video Spoilers! Overview This series of blog posts will document the development process of my GAM230 specialist practice project, “Scalable Audio Propagation.” I will break down the steps involved and explain my rationale for key development decisions. Additionally, I will discuss any issues encountered, how I overcame them, or how I plan to address…