Category: Sound Design Experiments

Various experimental personal projects and university work.

  • Supersonic | Electroacoustic Compositions

    Supersonic | Electroacoustic Compositions

    Transformation Disclaimer, the artwork for these compositions was generated by AI. If it infringes with anyone’s work, please let me know and I will remove them. For my transformation piece I wanted to create the entire track from a single sample. I drew inspiration from Artists such as “KOAN Sound” and “Johann Johannsson”, their works…

  • Experimental Sound Design | NO PIANO

    Experimental Sound Design | NO PIANO

    Project Breakdown This project was submitted for a module assignment in my first year of University, I had a great time creating it so have decided to do a write up here for anyone who may be interested. After coming across the subject video (Tremblay, 2023) for this re-design I came up with a spotting…