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Development log posts relating to Ship audio. Everything from Engines to Diagetic UI

  • Engine RPM Curves (Devlog #3)

    Engine RPM Curves (Devlog #3)

    After refactoring my engine audio implementation, I decided that It would be beneficial to have variables exposed on the two different ship classes that would allow me to adjust properties such as RPM curve and interpolation rate. I began by researching for methods to transform a given X value into its appropriate Y value along…

  • Engine Implementation Refactor (Devlog #2.5)

    Engine Implementation Refactor (Devlog #2.5)

    In my previous devlog I mentioned how differences in the ship movement systems required different implementations for the engine. That solution was fast and effective for meeting deadlines, however it posed issues for future development and iteration. I began by refactoring how I was calculating RPM and Load to eliminate redundant conditions and variables. But…

  • Engine Audio Design & Implementation (Devlog #2)

    Engine Audio Design & Implementation (Devlog #2)

    The first significant audio event I decided to work on was engine audio for the spaceship in our game. Getting auditory feedback for core mechanics is essential for player engagement and immersion, important metrics for our monthly playtesting sessions. The game is divided into two gameplay phases, “resource” and “minigames”, both of which involve one…